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Today, the construction sector is the highest energy consumer in the EU (about 40%) and the main contributor to GHG emissions (about 36% of the EU’s CO2 emissions).

Thermal insulation materials are most important contributors to the decrease of energy demand in the building and in this contest thin insulated panels with high performances are strongly requested.
The specific objective of the project is to industrialize a new prefabricated panel named AEROPAN through the set up an innovative lightweight reinforced thermoplastic low pressure molding production process.

This one-shot process allows tuning the mechanical properties (e.g. flexural strength and elastic module) and the shape of AEROPAN panels, by reducing at the same time the use of raw materials and processing time, saving GHG emissions and keeping at minimum the overall energy consumption.

AEROPAN paves the way to market introduction and replication of the novel panels in the construction sector also thanks to the tangible results of the demo application in different real conditions: i) complete house refurbishment and ii) interior insulation cladding for historical buildings.