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The Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) of AEROPAN project was held on the 19th September 2013.

Aeropan – First Technical Committee Meeting

October 22nd, 2014

Besides taking stock of the activities implemented during the first year of the project, during TC1 meeting AEROPAN partners have visited the pilot mold developed, and set the activities of the forthcoming months, in particular with reference to WP4- ECOLOGICAL EFFECTIVENESS AND SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT and WP6 – DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES. Ama Composite S.r.l Headquarters

Second Technical Committee meeting (TC2)

18th November 2015

Second Technical Committee meeting (TC2) held on the 18th November 2015 with the presence of Mr. Bernd Decker (Project Officer)

Location: Ama Composites S.r.l.  premises in Campogalliano (Italy). 

Final Meeting

23rd June 2016

Final Meeting  held on 23rd June 2016
In the context of the final event held in Amsterdam during the Industrial Technologies 2016.